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Past Performance

Below is a listing of past projects.  To obtain more information, please feel free to contact us.

Folsom Dike No.1 Aggregates. Folsom


Haul 23,550 tons of aggregate to Folsom Dam Dike No.1.

Folsom PCB Waste Stockpile Removal

Removal of approximately 3520 tons of PCB and diesel organic contaminated soil; removal of contaminated debris in drums; haul off to Class I facility located in Utah

Kelso Dunes Road Application of Soil Binder/Road Repair

Application of soil binder and road construction repair to 3 miles of Kelso Dunes Road and parking area.

Replace Well Pump and Controls at Kelso, Mojave National Preserve


Pull existing well pump, drop pipe and all cables out of existing well and replace with a new well pump, drop pipe on cables, both the electrical control and lift cables. Take down existing wood structure and rebuild.

Lake Isabella:
Rippability Study


Drilling two rock core borings, performing a rippability study and stockpiling rock for a materials analysis in the location of the proposed emergency spillway.

Aquatic Park Comfort Station East/West Painting

Preparation, concrete spalling repair, routine painting of the East/West Comfort Stations including wall surfaces, handrails, steps, doors/door framing, window framing.

Hyde Street Pier:
Replacement Lighting

Removal of existing overhead light fixtures, poles and purchase and installation of new (10) fixtures and poles, and run with superior energy saving LED lights, and night pollution controls, and base mounts.

Hydrovac Potholing for WRDA 99 - NEMDC Site, American River, Common Features

Hydrovac excavation to locate active natural gas line crosses the levee and active water line crosses the levee.  Depth range from 5'-20'.

Kundle Tank Removal (BART), San Jose

Remove, demo and dispose of 12,000 diesel steel tank and associated piping.

Jordan Ranch,

1500 cubic yard over-x of gasoline impacted soil.  Spread out and treated it with bacteria.  Tilled and moisture condition weekly.

Former IBM Facility,
San Jose

Destroyed 107 environmental monitoring wells and associated equipment within 2 mile radius of city limits. Replaced sidewalk segments and grouted wells up to 2' of surface. Restored all areas to its natural state.

Mayhew Drain Closure Structure Debris Removal, American River, Sacramento

Removal of all soil and debris from (4) 10'x10'x100' enclosed flood culverts.  Approximately 80 cubic yds of soil and debris were removed using a hydrovac and 430D Cat Backhoe.

American River Common Features Project, Sacramento

Repair temporary bike trail and remove vegetation from 3' either side of trail.  Using cold mix, repaired approximately 3/4 mile of bike trail, placed decomposed granite 3' either side of bike trail, placed traffic lane striping approximately 3/4 mile.

Force Sewer Main Pipe Site - R5 - Sacramento

Excavation via vacuum excavation and backhoe to locate 60-inch force sewer main pipe, on both sides of levee, at a 17-foot elevation below grade.  Our crew also installed a shoring system to allow the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers personnel to examine pipe condition and obtain an accurate elevation as part of development of plans for future improvements.

Martis Creek Dam - Truckee

Performed preliminary excavator explorations, at the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to determine the nature and extent of a void discovered in the dam’s embankment foundation during drilling exploration.  Excavate and repair these voids to a  47-foot depth at the base of the levee (on the water side).

Sacramento State University

Excavate, stock pile and haul off depressions and footings of approximately 5,000 cubic yds of material.

Natomas Airport - Sacramento

Excavate approximately 50,000 cubic yards of soil contaminated with pesticides (toxifeen) and other petroleum contaminates.  This project consisted of excavation, load out and haul off of hazardous materials to both Class I and II landfills.

Stockton Marina Redevelopment - Stockton

Environmental cleanup which included excavation and loaded out approximately 15,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil.

Georgetown Airport

Remove two 4,000 fuel tanks.  Install one 10,000 fuel tank with floating suction, piping and new dispenser including all electrical, trenching, piping, backfill and concrete work.

Rainer Service Station,
East Palo Alto

Removed 3 UST fuel tanks (5,000, 8,000, 10,000).  Removed 2 dispensers and all associated piping.  Over-x. Backfill.

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